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Laughing Man Chronicles 1: The Laughing Man by Robert J Barlow HARDCOVER

45 AUD

When Adam is saved from monsters by a strange man in a coat, he is shown a secret world; a world full of gods and monsters, angels and demons… a world at war. He is given an ultimatum, head to another dimension and gain power, or never be safe again. Guided by a soldier, a lunatic in a magic hat, and a spider (by adoption) he is taken to meet the Laughing One, a strange creature who seeks to teach him to reach his potential. But beset by the emotionless Legate, the violent Ursas, the mysterious King’s Man and their army of monsters, and without even a clear idea of what’s going on, how can he hope to survive in this strange new world? And even if he does reach the end of his path, will he recognise himself in the Laughing Man he is becoming?